Winter Woes, Daycare Germs and Busy Beans

Our little Bean brought two things home from daycare last week:  Her first finger painting (eeeeee so cute) and her first cold (less thrilling). She proceeded to cough directly in Garret’s mouth so he quickly succumbed to the illness as well.    Z had a really bad cough which was impeding her already less than stellar sleep record.  Over the weekend she fought her naps like crazy managing to hold off until 5pm on Sunday…a feat worth commenting on for sure.napping Somehow her illness did NOT effect her energy level and she was just as energetic and getting into everything as a healthy 15 month old.  I am finding this age to be really challenging. I love her to bits, but she is redefining the word “Busy”.  She gets into EVERYTHING and her favourite pastimes include emptying things (tupperware drawer, toy box, dogs food/water dishes) and attempting to rip down our blinds.  When I first went back to work I was determined to find a way that I could stay home with her. The mere thought of being apart was damaging to my psyche…now I feel that perhaps I am a better mother for being back at work. She gets her time with other kids (I get mine with grownups) and when her language skills develop more we will have much to talk about at the end of the day!

Peace Reigns Once Again

Peace Reigns Once Again

2015?! BRING IT ON

Happy New YearPresenting a little bit of NYE canoodling Walsh style. This year our festivities were kind of last minute plans, but included a low key evening with friends while miss Z was being babysat by Nana.  Food and some bevies, lots of talk about playing games that never really materialized and despite our best intentions, much chatter about kids.  Lovely night.  New Years Day included a sleep in on our part, Garret making breakfast while I went to pick up Z, and then pretty much a pajama clad rest of the day.  We played with lego, attempted to snuggle with our non snuggly Z, tidied up and enjoyed a lazy low key day.   I may have had a mimosa (or two), but who is counting?

2014 was the first year since we started dating that we didn’t have a monumental life change: moving in together | buying a  house | planning a wedding |  having a baby…we kind of coasted as we figured out how to keep our daughter alive while maintaining our sanity and not killing each other. Goal for 2014? Successfully met!  We have lofty goals for 2015.  This year we have more goals for fixing up our home, and are working out a more concrete/realistic financial plan. I think often we start the year saying “we should work on the house, we should think about a budget” This year we have actually sat down with each other and thought about specific tasks for the home, filled in a budget and are taking steps to actually implement it.  We have realized that just saying “we should spend less money” does not really count as being on a budget.  The best part about early January is the hopeful, full of intention, gung ho feelings that come with the promise of a new year…I realize that we are the same people from Dec 31st to Jan 1st, but something about the clock striking midnight provides the blank slate.  Our glass slipper, fairy godmother magic do-over….and this year we wana do it right.

Main Walsh Family Goals of 2015: (to be detailed further in another post) *Working on the house *staying on a budget *Less (phone) screen time *Organization in life, work, home, hobbies and my fave *Plan making…instead of saying “we should do X sometime” I want to say “Hey! Let’s try X Wednesday afternoon” Hands into the huddle….aaaand GO TEAM WALSH!

December Daily Weekend 20-21 Edition

IMG_20141220_194836_edit Xmas imagejpeg_2 Me and em 20141220_100036 20141220_102801This weekend was about driving to Meaford, some last minute Christmas shopping, and time spent with my mother in law, brother in law and future (we all hope!) sister in law.  Zoë getting spoiled and snuggled and loved on by family. Garret got a new truck, and cleaned our old one til it looked brand new (don’t think it has ever been so clean) Sunday morning was all about getting to go back to sleep while my MIL hung out with our little early riser.  G and I got to go back to bed from 7-9…life changing.  There was a lot of driving around this weekend, some naps in cars, cuddles with dogs, and two chances to dress up.  Not enough pictures taken by me so had to steal some.

This weekend was also about  managing expectations as a parent. Realizing it is TOTALLY OK to bring a 15month old to a party in her super cute Christmas jammies.  Even if you packed a super adorable dress for the occasion…Realizing that life with a walking, clumsy, death defying feat hunting toddler is obviously different.  We cannot just relax at dinner parties any longer. (Unless they are being hosted in a child proof rubber room)  These things are OK, this is our life right now, and if we can manage tag team eating styles, we simultaneously eat and keep our daughter alive, then what more can we ask for.

December Daily–December 18th

The story of today is my current obsession: CHATBOOKS

 Garret and I are both huge Instagrammers.  When I browse through old photos we have posted it is almost like a mini blog. Small glimpses of our lives through single photos…I love love love Instagram.  The issue is I rarely look back at all the photos we have taken.  My count is 800something at the moment and so scrolling back through is something I never think to do.

I had heard about this from my friend Erin a few months ago, but I believe it just recently came to the Android platform.    I spent some time last night creating a Zoë book series that I am socrazyexcitedabout.  I linked both g’s and my instagram accounts and pulled all of the photos we have posted of Z into a book series.  Her life so far transfers into 6 volumes of Chatbooks and I cant wait to get them. We will be able to look through them and really enjoy all of the Instagram pictures instead of leaving them forgotten out there.  My obsession with photos/scrapbooking can merge and I get a photo book that I assemble on my phone. easy peasy!

December Daily–December 17th

     The story of today is less of a fun holiday variety and more of the “December still means real life” type of story.  With 2015 approaching, G and I have been thinking more about goals for our family this coming year.  It seems that being better money managers tops the list! We both have the common and ineffective defense mechanism of burying our heads in the sand and not being proactive when it comes to our finances.  NO MORE MY FRIENDS….I think that this is something I have talked to death but now we are actually taking steps to figure it out.  I spent my lunch hour yesterday compiling information and filling in a daunting looking budget spreadsheet.  It is scary and yet strangely satisfying to see all of our income and outcome (?) in one place.
As I have said before, the past few years we have really scaled back on Christmas in the “present” sense and want to focus on enjoying it in the “presence” sense.  It will be nice to face 2015 not paying off additional credit card debt for things we bought for Christmas.  We used mostly cash (as in not even debit) this year which feels awesome–and will be our new holiday tradition.
I hate money, and really hate trying to plan it and save it, but I am realizing (finally in my mid 30s) that it isn’t going away so I need to figure out how to manage it.

December Daily –December 16th

Dec 16thToday started off with a bit of a flurry and panic as our dear Z woke up with a shiner (see above).  We didn’t really know what was up so there was some googling and phone calls to a friend who is a nurse and we decided that G would stay home with her (just in case it was an allergy related flare up)  Now we think when she hit  her head on her toy kitchen on Monday night the bruise needed some percolating time.  Nothing says Merry Christmas in photos like your child looking like an extra from Rocky V.  Once we were satisfied that it in fact looked worse than it was, the two of them ran some Christmas errands and I was at work (boo)

After our wee cage fighter went to bed, Garret got back to working on our back splash (photos to follow in another post) and I did some Christmassy things like wrapping presents (under our tree was looking  quite bare.) I absolutely love wrapping presents.  It is a trait I have inherited through my Grandpa–he would take immense satisfaction from successfully wrapping a hexagonal box of Quality Street chocolates.  G and I are just doing stockings for each other this year so I have some teeny things to wrap as well as a few other gifts then will be all ready to go.  We have three Christmas celebration locations this year so now I just need to organize which gifts go where and then I can relax with a large glass of Christmas cheer.