Our night in the kitchen

Sometimes we will be just hanging out and the Reno mood hits us…or else we get to the point where we can’t stand something a moment longer! We got to that point last night around 930. The mess on the kitchen wall from where we removed the mini bar (we’ll post a pic of what it used to look like was making us crazy. So we pulled the glue off and Garret thought we might as well do a layer of skim coat to smooth things out. (this was my first lesson in skim coating…which I keep referring to as drywalling) Not sure if the neighbour was happy to hear the shop vac going at 10:30pm to clean up all the dust and wall scrapings.

Step 1: Scrape-comment on surprise at G letting me handle such an important task (hahaha)


Step 2:Start to spackle. Mock J for commenting on the pretty pink layer.

Step 3: Teach your lady to spackle and then take a picture of her deep in concentrationStep 4: Wait for spackle to dry, have a beer in the meantime and take another photo


Step 4: Wait for coat to dry. In the meantime drink a beer and take more pictures


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