Lil Marleen

Last week in memory of my father, Garret decided to forgo the normal route for “buy the lady some flowers” and he bought me a rose bush!  Its actually not much of a bush at the moment, but we have been assured if we take care of it it will become more bush like.

Patiently waiting on our porch for us to plant her

And for those of you who are questioning who “Lil Marleen” is….I should first explain that I have a bit of an obsession with naming things….this usually extends to naming things that we don’t currently have, like dogs and children. But G and I (probably more so myself) take great joy in giving names to inanimate objects and this plant didn’t escape that fate either.
The name was simple: She actually came with a name tag:
Name Tag

we shortened it a bit....but it has a nice ring to it!


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