Date night

Garret and I are planning a big night out in the city next week! Dinner at our fave sushi restaurant Sushi Couture and some home furnishing shopping!!!! My extremely generous cousins completely spoiled us with the best housewarming present!!! A gift card to one of my fave stores- West Elm (swoon) I am going to have my hands full convincing G that we need a lot of the items I have already checked out online. What I view as gorgeous additions to the ShWalsh household he tends to view as clutter!! I have tried reminding him that I went to design school and am therefore more knowledgable about these things but he hasn’t fallen for that yet 😦 I will definitely post pictures from west elm and note the items we agree upon.
So far on my radar are the following:

* amazing graphic pillowcase the blowfish one is particularly fab
* oversized serving tray to put on our ottoman
* hammered metal serving dishes
* white glossy owl salt/pepper shakers
* pretty much everything else in the store!!!


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