New addition to the family

Freedom is:


That’s right ladies and gentlemen….I bought a car. It is by no means a new car. In fact by vehicle standards it would be considered elderly. But, it runs, it was inexpensive and most importantly it’s MINE! I have learned over the years through sharing a car with my brother, then much later with G, that sharing a car is a fallacy. The vehicle most definitely belongs to one person and the other person is just allowed to use it on (rare) occasions. I’m excited to be able to have some more freedom and no longer rely on G, my mum and public transit like I was a teenager.
Drum roll please…..


Isn’t it beautiful? G and I were throwing names around last night. I suggested Burt while he thought Sally Jesse Raphael (SJ) for short was a good option.(Garret is creative and weird and that is why I love him folks) Any other suggestions for names?


4 thoughts on “New addition to the family

  1. How about Smooth Operator or Tank….see below…

    In the recent study, Bessey took top honours as the most popular car nickname. There were plenty of semi-predictable names on the list like Speedie, Beauty and the Love Machine, but there were a couple of oddball finalists, as well. You have to wonder how many people really call their vehicle Boomzilla. Check out the full list below.
    Top Ten Car Nicknames
    1. Bessey
    2. Casper
    3. Lucky
    4. Love Machine
    5. Beauty
    6. Muscles
    7. Buster
    8. Speedie
    9. Moocher
    10. Boomzilla

  2. Well, your brothers are of the opinion that she looks like a duck! I have looked at her from every angle and don’t get it… but she can look quite “ducky” if you like that name.

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