Lunchie munchies

Does anyone have any healthy, yummy, make ahead type of lunch ideas? I’ve been making my mother in law to be’s tuna pasta salad a fair bit lately but I wana change things up. (I love the tuna but don’t want to get sick of it so I need some more ideas) I am allergic to eggs so that option is out! Am accepting any and all recipe ideas!!


2 thoughts on “Lunchie munchies

  1. If you love salmon sandwiches…my favourite!
    1 avocado
    1 can sockeye salmon
    chopped green onion
    salt and pepper
    Renee’s eggless dressing of your choice
    on 12 grain bread
    (If you do not want to eat bread, mix ingredients and lay on a bed of lettuce)

    Hugs from the MILTB!

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