Nearly Ta-done

Phase 1 of Shwalsh kitchen renovation is complete! Last night G pulled a feat of strength and got the fridge out of the way. (I didn’t take a photo of what we found when we moved the fridge…but it was several years of dirt–belch) So we now have a fancy black chalkboard wall in our kitchen which we LOVE.



Granted this would look more impressive if id waited til the fridge was put back to take the pic…or if I used our good camera and not my phone. But still…you get the jist. Now we just need to agree on a backsplash and change the lighting (we scored a sweet track/directional light from my mum), floor mat for the door….then I think we could call it quits in here. Oh…and a pot rack, I’ve got my shopping goggles on for just the right one. Then kitchen is done! And we will rock, paper, scissors to see if our bedroom or the front hall is the next project.


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