6 months!

The end of last week marked 6 months for us in the house!! Time flies I can’t believe it. Sometimes I feel that we are still settling in (because we are) and other times I feel that it has always been our home. I pulled into the driveway one night last week and knew I was coming home. Such a welcome feeling. The apartment was where we got used to living together but this place has been where we have really settled in, a real place of firsts and new beginnings. We’ve got off to a slow start this first 6 months when it comes to stuff we’ve accomplished….can’t wait to see if we can motor through some to do lists over the winter.

I also just realized that it’s 6 months since we have had cable. I was hesitant at first as we are big fans of the couch snuggle/tv watch…but to be honest I don’t miss it! We got Netflicks which we can watch when we crave the lazy….but I’m impressed with how little I miss having TV!


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