Ho Ho Ho

I bought a wag jag this week to have my furnace cleaned and inspected.  They were only able to come yesterday afternoon.  It wasn’t a practical time with my work schedule so my Mum offered to come and let the guy in. When I got home from work, I noticed that she had done a lot more than aid the furnace guy.  She had 100% unHalloweened Casa ShWalsh, cleaned the floors, organized a pile of our random stuff and just all around crazy cleaned my house. It was a really unexpected treat to come home to.  Then she called me upstairs to discuss something in my room….We stood there and chatted for a few minutes before I noticed that this:

had turned into this:


Snazzy new blind!

So, we now have matching blinds in our bathroom, and the three upstairs windows.  It was a GREAT early Christmas present and a total surprise.  I can’t get over the difference it makes in our bedroom…Im finding that each little thing we do ties in to make huge changes in our surroundings.  In January Garret’s Dad is coming to help us put hardwood flooring in upstairs and I really think that will totally eliminate the “cottage” feel we have going on!  Also, last night we discussed that the theme this winter will be ‘Paint’ so should anyone care to come to our house and help paint….I wouldn’t say no. Heck I will even supply some wine and a slow cooker meal.
Thanks again Mum!  I am so glad Christmas came early!

2 thoughts on “Ho Ho Ho

  1. Wow! This looks great! I look forward to seeing this new look and I agree with “munch” ….that your mom rocks!

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