Further adventures of Sneakers

My friend Harrison and I got to talking about my kitchen mouse.  And how what if I am trying to erase some sort of mouse genius from the planet….

**Side Note: I don’t know why but I tend to be quite anthropomorphic  when it comes to most things in my life (cars, random animals, items around the house)  I think it’s quite an endearing habit I have whereas G seems to think it makes me a little “special”.

So…as I was saying.  Harrison and I were talking about this mouse. And I thought that perhaps it was some sort of musical prodigy.  And we had a little giggle, and then Har found the following photos and I couldnt stop laughing…and at the same time felt like I could  “nah nah nah” at Garret as this shows that clearly someone else is also weird like me, and takes it to another level


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