New Year New You/New Us really

Every New Years Day for the past 4 years, Garret and I have had a mini tradition of discussing our goals and hopes and resolutions for the coming year.  Generally they consist of the same few things.  Sometimes they are specific and sometimes more general, but usually they have gone the wayside by March as we go back to familiar habits.  This year we decided to make some more general resolutions and focus them each month.  We have three main areas we are looking at this year:  Health/Fitness,  Finances, and Organization.  As we have been looking more in-depth at each topic, it has been interesting to see how intertwined each one is.  So perhaps as we start getting on track with one, the others will follow suit (wishful thinking perhaps?)
Health/Fitness–working out minimum of 2 times a week (this can include: gym, yoga, workout videos at home, snow-shoeing etc) cooking healthier meals (although I do have a good grasp on this already, trying to do more is always better!), getting in better shape so we can feel awesome at our wedding and start out newlywed life in the best shape possible (ps yay wedding!!!)
Financial--putting aside money from each paycheque to save for the wedding as well as general savings, making a plan for aggressively paying down our insane OSAP loans, paying closer attention to where money goes and  stop the funnel effect (as in it funnelling out) Quit eating out so much (see, this links in with the health/fitness one too)
Organization–in our home, in our life, with our jobs.  Be better about cleaning, meal planning, organization of stuff so we are less stressed (ie. Getting organized the night before so we aren’t running around like nutjobs in the morning hunting for keys and missing iPhone earbuds.)
Behold; our January plan
1) Only eat out once every 2 weeks (this will be a toughie)
2) Gym 2-3 times a week plus trying to do something nice and outdoorsy on the weekends
3) Only snoozing once so we have more time in the mornings Mon-Fri
4) Get some automatic money transfers happening on paydays to go into different accounts
5) Meal plan and work to use up all the random ingredients that have started filling our pantry (why do I have 3 bags of split peas/9 tins of tuna?!)
6) Pack a lunch at least 4 times a week (I have to give us some leeway!)
7) Every night spend 30mins each cleaning/organizing something in the house..I have started a list of the various areas to tackle…we are starting with the basement (shudder)
….I read it takes 21 days to form a habit, so hopefully by the end of the month we will have mastered these and can move on to some other life altering tactics!
Does anyone else have troubles sticking to their resolutions?  Anyone bothered to make some for 2012? Party hard in case the Mayan’s were right? ha

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