This weather has been making Fridays go by sooooo slowly the past two weeks.  One more week of regular hours and next Friday our summer hours start and we get off at 3:30. Heaven.  I realize I have been post light lately which isn’t indicative of what we have been up to.  Since last posting we have:

*Painted the shed

*Given a trunk load of items away to the Salvation Army (yay our battle with clutter is currently in our favour)

*Gardened like gnomes (gnomes who pull weeds like crazy)

*Started planning out the disaster of a basement

*Decided where we/totally just G, are/is going to dig the horseshoe pit

*Lots of homework and other things too boring to share

I will take some pics this weekend, and I promised Annie that I had a few new recipes to share so I will post those next week too.

Hope everyone is well and enjoying this amazing weather!



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