Shower Shuffle

We can’t quite pinpoint when this occurred, but sometime in the past month or two something funky has been happening with our shower.  No matter what you set the water temperature to be at it shifts quickly between making ice cubes and shooting lava at you.  G and I are often of the mindset that “hummm….maybe if we ignore this issue it will just remedy itself” Especially when we call our hot water on demand supplier and they inform us that it is a $150 service call which may or may not fix the problem.  (urgh) So in our new found frugalness we have just begun to learn how to do the shower shuffle:

1. Turn shower to temp you want, get naked and be ready to leap in at a moments notice

2. Temp where you want it? Hop in and turn shower head to face the wall–soak yourself as fast as possible

3. As it begins to turn to one crazy extreme or the other,  stand at back of shower so you just get mist of it and lather up hair and body

4. When you sense it heading back to more regular temperature,  hop back in and rinse as if your life depends on it

5. Repeat steps 3-4 as needed…a few too many times if I am shaving my legs.

It has been working nicely except it has been so super hot the past few days that trying to have a cool shower before bed involves a lot of waiting through hot water cycles but it works…for now.  How long can we live like this I wonder?  It sort of reminded me of that early 90’s  hot water PSA featuring Tweety Bird “hot water can burn in wess than thwee seconds”  Anyone else remember that?


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