Potentially Inherited the Black Thumb…

….cause it sure ain’t green!  I keep blaming the recent drought and crazy heat we have been having, but I am betting that even if it was ideal growing temperature my garden would still be a hot mess.  Some of the fault lies with G and I really concentrating on some interior house work and wedding planning, but I am finding the areas I did try with (our little tomato stash and various herbs and garlic) are not doing so well.  Our scapes were amazing and made phenomenal pesto, but our garlic crop leaves a lot to be desired.  One of the ladies from my work also planted a bunch in the fall and was telling me how huge and plump her garlic is…sadly mine are little midgie garlics that would be a huge pain in the butt to peel and use.  I even managed to kill our crop of chives (not like I was using that a lot anyway)  but I was just so proud of our garden last year!  It seems that this year is not to be.  But I did just read an article about this lady and it makes me wana get out and GARDEN!  Maybe I will get G to build me some raised boxes and I can plant some stuff in the fall so I have a semi successful crop of something (garlic you will be mastered!) for next year.  I think that I have too many things on my “I wana learn how to…” list, perhaps I should pare down and really focus on the things that will make me the happiest? Because it seems I end up not doing any of the things I want to do because I get overwhelmed with the sheer amount of these things.  This is the year of the wedding and getting our house painted, hardwooded and maybe even extentioned (this is totally a word). Next year I will feed our little family from the fruits of our/G’s labour…I’ll be honest with myself I will definitely be having him do all the digging


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