Rookie Mistake

I have tried to remain a very calm and chillax bride.  I know that the whole point of the day is to celebrate our marriage and that at the end of the day we will be married. Chocolate fountain or not (definitely not)  As it gets closer though I have started to feel a little more nervous about the logistics and all the last minute details.  I think that I worked pretty hard at getting as much done ahead of time as possible, but some items have just taken longer to come together than others.  I’ve been having a long insane week at work and in a moment of stupidity I decided to check the weather for next Saturday. And as of this moment…it looks like rain. barf.  I know its not the end of the world by any stretch of the imagination, however, no bride ever thinks “goodie cause it means good luck” when they hear rain on wedding day forecast.  It’s funny though because the fact that the weather might not be anything other than perfect hadn’t occurred to me until last week. It suddenly came to me when we were discussing having the cocktails before dinner outside. I dont want to have a rain contingency plan…so….let’s just not rain shall we?

My bachelorette party is this Saturday night so I feel that my girlfriends will hopefully do a good job of getting me sauced enough to not think of rain, but not too much that I am hungover for the whole week before the wedding. Girls you have your work cut out for you!


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