Back to Reality

The past two and a half weeks have flown by. Our wedding was everything we could have wanted and more…and it was probably the fastest day in either of our lives. We had a magical surprise honeymoon and at my mum’s suggestion took off a few extra days this week just to get our heads out of the clouds. I will do a wedding a honeymoon rundown later this week with a few of the roughly 2 million photos that were taken. The day we got back from our honeymoon our beautiful nephew was born. He was due the day before the wedding but just really wanted to hang in there so we didn’t miss anything. Im going to Ok it with my brother first and then will be posting some pictures.

We are definitely still basking in post wedding bliss! G went back to work this morning and I’m home trying to transition our home from summer to fall (I seem to have a ton of dresses but no pants…I recall putting them somewhere in our basement in the spring–the hunt continues) It feels so foreign to be apart today…we have been together everyday for the past while that I find myself lonely today. I thought that I was ready for some time to myself but I think that I just want ONE more day before things go back and our life moves on. Wedded Walsh’s our “real” life now begins.


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