Nerd Alert

I have been a bit of a scrapbooking/paper crafting/photo album making fan for many years now. I LOVE having albums to flip through to remember trips and events. I find that too often these days most people’s photos just live online.  While I love being able to look at photos on facebook and on our computer, there is nothing like flipping through piles of photos or albums and reminiscing.  The downside of the scrapbook route is that it takes me ages to finally have a complete album. (Or to set time aside to sit down and do it)  In the interest of getting to enjoy our wedding and honeymoon photos sooner than later I decided to get a book printed of all our photos.  I usually procrastinate with this stuff, but I am pleased to say that last night I uploaded and created a book from Blurb that outlines our whole honeymoon.  I can still scrapbook photos later, but in the meantime, by Nov 1st we will have a cool little book in our hot little hands to share. Very very excited to get this in the mail!


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