Young House Super Love

The thing about reading someone’s blog is that you start to feel like you know them.  It is different than the familiarity you might feel with an actor or someone else, because you get to know bloggers on a different level.  You read about their lives, their families etc, and over time you develop what is obviously a one-sided relationship.  Meeting John and Sherry last night was really awesome, yet also kind of strange that someone you feel close with doesn’t know you exist!  It was really neat to get to West Elm and see the ton of people lined up through the store who all obviously feel the same way about these two people.  It was funny overhearing all the conversations while we were in line about how long people had been reading Young House Love and how they all were excited too.  My friends Meagan and Harrison and I went and met up with some super nice people in line…thankfully because we were there for three hours!  I thought that the rain would keep more people away…but alas others were just as excited to come out.  We did some people watching, window shopping at West Elm and good conversation made the line go faster.


3 thoughts on “Young House Super Love

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