The Walsh family has started to grow

Last night we made the decision to add to our family…And tomorrow morning we are picking up our sweet new puppy.  NO IDEA what is in store for us since we have never had a puppy before, but we are both really excited.  She is a 9 week old Boston Terrier name TBD (to be determined)  We have a list a mile and a half long and I think we mostly love boy names, so we shall see…it needs to be something we love because we will be calling her that for many years to come.  And without further preamble let me present our lil muffin:

Hey….Pretty sure you wana take me home with ya….

She came with a Christmas sweater…..

Heats melted the more we snuggled. She LOVES Garret

So dear online world be prepared to be spammed with pictures of our puppy cause I know I am that kind of person.  We pick her up tomorrow morning and I already can’t wait to have her home with us.


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