final countdown for Christmas

This is one of my favourite weeks each year.  So much anticipation, and now that we are done our Christmas shopping no stress (well let’s just leave it at minimal stress)  Work is quiet since many people have taken the last half of the week off so we are doing a lot of housekeeping/paperwork stuff so that we can start off 2013 with clean desks and organized files.  We were discussing favourite Christmas movies over coffee this morning and some of the top ones included:

Miracle on 34th st., It’s A Wonderful Life, Prancer, One Magic Christmas (one of my personal faves), Christmas Vacation (which my family watches together every year), Elf, Muppet’s Christmas Carol, Rudolph, Santa Claus the movie, It’s Christmas Charlie Brown…

Update:  I just realized that I forgot my two favourite movies that take place around Christmas but aren’t specifically Christmas movies. Love Actually and Serendipity.  Can quote both extensively…”Nancy”

And for an amazing write up regarding the Turtleneck addiction in Love Actually go here

Now I just want to go home and watch Christmas movies. This is the downside of our virtuous “we have no cable” stance.  I do enjoy just turning on the TV this time of year and catching the random Christmas movies that are on.  We own quite the selection on VHS and DVD at my Mum’s house, but only have Elf at our place. For shame.  I am babysitting my sweet baby nephew tonight for a few hours so I think I might take advantage of their super cable and watch something festive.


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