The Wedding Quilt

One of my Mum’s oldest friends is quite an accomplished quilter. She has been my inspiration…my quilting skills are NOWHERE near hers but I do hope one day to be able to sew some pieces are gorgeous as hers.  She made Garret and I beautiful quilt for our wedding gift and it was finished just before Christmas and we picked it up.  She has everyone pose with the quilts she makes them before she sends them to their new home–we had a lot of fun posing with ours

With this quilt and our love we will stay warm!

With this quilt and our love we will stay warm!


our fancy quilt pose

our fancy quilt pose

It is so beautiful that we currently have it on our couch because G thought that not enough people would see if it we put it on our bed. We obviously have way more visitors to our living room than our bedroom ha ha.  It is hard to see in the pictures but the quilting was actually done with a variegated thread and it looks so amazing.  We received many truly special gifts for our wedding that we will cherish forever.  We are l so blessed to have so many people in our lives that love us and spoil us so much.



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