Happy hangover from Valentines Day day!

G and I have never been crazily over demonstrative with Valentines day.  We are both big card people, but we have never been of the “expecting a BMW or diamond jewelry type”  (granted both those things are out of our budget but I digress) Last night I babysat this little monkey so my brother and sis in law could take in a flick (Die Hard is apparently for lovahs)


When I got home my favourite ice cream (Moose tracks!)  was hidden in the freezer for me Perfect ending to a most lovely day!   I thought I would post three fun E-cards I received and sent yesterday because I heart love.


A cute one G sent featuring snugglebum when she was a puppy with a decidedly more smushy face.


This one which just makes me smile because of how much I love Harry Potter (not sure where original came from)

And finally:


Grumpy cat hearts valentines too.  From here





One thought on “Happy hangover from Valentines Day day!

  1. I love MOOSE TRACKS ice cream!!!! It’s my fav to get when we stop at the Kawartha dairy on the way to the cottage. You and I really a kindred craft nerds 🙂

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