Ways in which Brooklyn is preparing us for parenthood

  1.  Has selective hearing
  2.  Doesn’t know when it is a weekend and sleeping in past 6 would be appropriate
  3.  We have spent the past few months cleaning up her bodily fluids
  4.  We have been in full on worry mode for the past week after her spaying. Everything from her eating, bathroom times, sleeping, and incision site has been thoroughly discussed, worried over, googled etc
  5.  She has more toys than she knows what to do with but her fave items are Garret’s shoes and anything we have left within reach (See here)
  6. Everything we own is covered in a fine layer of dog hair (I hear with babies it’s drool, regurgitated food and unknown sticky substances)
  7.  Whines occasionally for no discernible reason
  8.  Both our iPhones are full of photos of her
  9.  When one of us is away we call to check in on how the fur baby is doing
  10.  We think everything (well mostly) she does is cute and noteworthy (and should be shared/blogged about)
  11.  We talk to her in a cute voice
  12.  We unsuccessfully attempt to reason with her
  13.  We have discussed co sleeping
  14.  She makes noises and keeps us up all night
  15.  We will lay still on the couch when she is napping on us even if we are dying to get up to pee/eat/answer the phone
  16.  She has been my facebook profile pic for the past 4 months
  17.  She toots and we still think it is cute
  18. The grandparents no longer ask how we are doing.  First question is always “How is Brooklyn”
  19. We make playdates for Brooklyn with our friend’s dogs
  20. We hesitate when making plans to ensure B isn’t home alone too long
  21. We miss her when we are away from her for too long
  22. 15 seconds after we want to strangle her for doing something turdy we crazy love her again
  23. We can’t imagine our lives without her!

Urgh how can you not love this smushy little face!


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