It’s a….

Baby…ha, we didn’t find out. But here is your first glance of our sweet babe Gus:

And for inquiring minds: That is a leg thankyouverymuch

And for inquiring minds: That is a leg thankyouverymuch

It was  unbelievable to finally get to see what this little one looks like. When we had our earlier ultrasound it looked like a sea monkey. Still exciting but very less babyish.

This time the technician was laughing and asking me if I could feel “all that movement” I said only a little bit, and she turned the screen towards me so I could see the wiggling pile of baby that is Gus.  She said that the baby was having a dance party in there (clearly my child!) After she did all the measurements she called Garret in to have a look.  It was really awesome to see his face as he saw our baby.  It was an emotional moment for us and I think really drove it home that we are having a BABY.  Also reassuring that I am not just getting fat and emotional for no apparent reason! haha

Of course we think that Gus is perfect looking with a beautiful nose and lips, we are so happy the profile picture turned out so well!  Watching the babe flip around and stretch in there was just the neatest thing–I could have watched for hours.  I love that we now have an idea of a face to put to this little thing boogieing around inside me all the time.  It is magical and yet oh so strange to love something so much that you can’t quite comprehend even exists.


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