Weekend Report–brief photo summary

Hammock 1

Decided to take “hanging out” to a primo level Fri night, snuggles with the fam in our hammock

hammock 2

Trying a little too hard not to have 5 chins in my hammock pic

high above things

G’s side job Saturday afternoon. Just what every pregnant woman wants to see, her husband/baby daddy 65′ above Young street. gulp


Saturday night we had big plans for a fire or going out, but our friend Derek and I ended up watching a movie alone with two snoring Walsh characters as additional soundtrack

Brooklyn rain

Our girl letting her princess flag fly high. She won’t pee outside in the rain. We kept carrying her to the end of the yard and she would high tail back for the door. G had to cover her with the umbrella to get her to do her business. High maintenance or what?!


and do they ever smell sweet. G went to the store to get garlic bread to have with dinner on Sunday night. He came home with Roses which was awesome, but forgot the garlic bread.

Other items that I don’t have pictures of.  An absolutely gorgeous Bee themed baby shower for my friend Erin, the locking of my keys in the truck in Shelburne and having to wait for C.A.A (sooooo fun), psycho nesting related cleaning while G and Derek were golfing on Sunday and 481 games of fetch with B.


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