9 months down

9 months down and we are:

  • Preemptively catching up on our sleep. (well some of us more than others):
Sleeping "beauts"

Sleeping “beauts”

  • Panicking ok this is clearly  more me than G. He is remaining strangely, uncharacteristically calm
  • Watching my stomach flip around as Gus moves and grooves
  • Browsing online and in stores for the perfect adorable nursery items.  We aren’t going overboard but man do I want to have a cute room all ready for Gus-so far we have a crib, my Mum is re purposing an old dresser for a change table and we have a hand me down glider….just need the cute decor stuff now
  • Preparing Brooklyn for her role as a less spazzy big sister.  This is a job and a half with that crazy dog.
  • Spending time together in the hammock, laughing, dreaming and swatting mosquitos
  • Marveling at my ever expanding belly. Each day I wake up and it seems larger (aaand I still have three months of growth to go!)
  • Putting our maternity leave budget into place. Eye opening to say the least
  • Craving Ice cream like its my job.  Too bad (or too good) that Kawartha Dairy is just down the street from us…..
  • Nesting. Plus side is our house is finally starting to be more organized. Just in time for an infant sized bomb to hit it.

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