Progress makes perfect

Garret and I were away all last week on a roadtrip/babymoon. I had lofty plans of blogging and posting pictures while we were gone..but whenever the chance arose it was between that or napping. And let me tell you, at this stage in the game napping wins every time.  I have a bunch of pics to post and stories to share but I need to steal a bunch from G’s phone and offload from our Nikon so in the meantime here are two glimpses of the nursery.

Somewhat clutter filled baby room

Somewhat clutter filled baby room


Up close and personal with Gus' sleeping quarters

Up close and personal with Gus’ sleeping quarters

It is really coming along and it has quickly become one of my favourite rooms in the house.  I have had a cup of tea and just hung out in the glider chair realizing that this will be my home base for many many hours in the coming months.  We have things mostly set up but have a few decor related items and some other tasks left to go before I will call it fully complete.

*Knobs and pulls for the gorgeous dresser/change table that my Mum refinished for us.  I LOVE it because it was a piece that she and my Grandpa had refinished once before in the 70s, so it is really special for me to have it for the baby now.  G and I spotted a few knob options we liked at Lowes so are planning on getting and installing those this week–then we can put more things away in the drawers

*New lamp.  I have hated that Ikea one (we also have one in our bedroom) since day one…it came with G when we moved in together.  The only fall back is that there is only one outlet in that room so we will have to do some creative plugging/extension cording to get it all to work.

*Rug.  Originally I fell super in love with a grey and white chevron one from Pottery barn kids.  Then I started thinking that it was a bit too much grey in the room so now we have had our eyes out for something cute and yellow!

*Shelves.  We want to do some white floating shelves on the wall so we can display some of the adorable goodies that we have for Gus.  We also have a ton of baby books now (yay) so I want to display those with the super amazing owl bookends we got from barebirch

*Art.  My Mum got us an adorable decal that will go on the wall over the change table, but we have some things in mind to frame and hang to make the room a bit more Gus-like.

We still have to wash some clothes, sheets and blankets, which will be fun laundry…I love looking at all the tiny little clothes we have and thinking someone is going to fit in these soon. Last week in a panic of “bah a baby is coming” I went out and bought a cute wipes container and some newborn diapers. So technically speaking we have everything we “need” and are all ready…but in my girlie, panicky, want everything to be perfect-ness, I really want to have the room totally finished. And then the baby can come home and live in the only room of the house that isn’t a work in progress!


One thought on “Progress makes perfect

  1. Oh honey, I remember those days! Wanting to get everything ready for the baby, finding it hard to believe that a real little person will be in those wee clothes. I’m so glad you two managed to get away for some time together. You’re ready! xoxo

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