11 months down

11 months down and we are:

  • Swelling  in the foot and hand region…(only one of us actually.)  Wedding ring is replaced with a band that was my Nanny’s and shoes are now Garret’s flip flops
  • Worrying about what is to come.  We are both excited but also somewhat nervous. We have late night convos about the upcoming months as we lay awake at night
  • Nesting which just hasn’t seemed to stop. Nursery is nearly complete, and we have a list of to dos on the chalkboard wall that we want to accomplish before the babe comes
  • Enjoying that Brooklyn is slowly but surely calming down
  • Wrapping up my work.  Trying to get everything lined up to pass off to my friend and colleague who is taking over my position
  • Watching Orange is the New Black and The Killing.  Both phenomenal shows c/o Netfliks
  • Reminiscing about a year ago….being so excited with the month countdown to our wedding
  • Shopping for the last few baby items we need

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