How I am feeling lately (vol 4)


My pregnancy really hasn’t yielded much for me to complain about.  I haven’t gained an obscene amount of weight, I wasn’t too sick and I think I have been the average (if that exists?) amount of tired.  But…the last few weeks I have felt like being a bit more of a complainer.  The body part formerly known as ankles has morphed into more of a cankle which is very attractive.  My toes are a bit sausage-like and the balls of my feet feel like sponges.  I ran out of footwear last week and had to wear G’s flip flops to work.  Extremely fashion forward if you ask me.  I hit up the Croc outlet towards the end of the week and picked up a few pairs.  I am still not the epitome of style and grace, but my feet feel better.


big handsAlong with the foot swelling came some hand/finger swelling as well.  (pic from here)  I haven’t been able to wear my wedding ring for a few weeks now and I have developed  carpal tunnel.  (one of those pregnancy side effects that don’t come up too often in conversation)  I thought I was getting arthritis or something, but at my last doctors appointment she told me that it was from the swelling.

One of my other pregnant girlfriends has constant sciatic pain so I think out of all the side effects I am making out pretty well…but I do miss my shapely legs and bejeweled fingers.  5 week countdown is on this week.  The two do list has been discussed between us over the past few days and I think we are needing to ramp up some of what we have left to tackle. *gulp….5 weeks then we get to meet Gus.  STILL so weird to think that we have a little family member we haven’t met yet who is going to show up, come live with us and take over our lives. We just can’t wait!



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