It’s the 5 week countdown

As I say that it reminds me of this post.

This time last year I was referencing our wedding, but holy smokes now it is 5 weeks (ish) until baby time.  We both knew that the time would go quickly, but maybe the pregnancy time warp combined with the summer time warp to speed life up even faster.

We have been working pretty hard over the summer to tackle our essential to-dos, and I feel like we have done a pretty good job.  Nearly all of the major things we wanted to accomplish this summer have been handled….however some of the other home owner related tasks like gardening…well let’s just say 2014 will be a good year for yard work!

This weekend we have lofty plans of getting stuff done.  Garret is going to hang some shelving in the nursery so I can nest to my hearts content up there!  We are also planning to finish the second gate for the fence–side story:  Had B out in the yard with me the other morning and I freaked out because I thought she had run away.  I got around to the front of the house and she was patiently sitting waiting for me at the kitchen door.  She was tired of fetch and was ready for her breakfast.We have some  coat racks to hang to help with the whole organization thing, a hospital bag to pack (just in case Gus decides they are ready to come early), a basement to organize and some sort of fun to have.  I think that with a long weekend we should be able to manage a good ratio of accomplishment to fun.  We have been trying to do stuff during the week, but this past week G has caught my pregnancy lethargy and we are both just exhausted by the end of the day. So here is to a nice long weekend leaving us feeling somewhat refreshed and with a sense of accomplishment!


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