At 3am the universe seems to conspire against me

The most common piece of advice I receive lately is to sleep as much as I can right now.  In theory this is lovely advice, however my body and mind do not seem to heed said advice.  Sometimes they are willing to listen, but it seems as though everything works against me.  Last night I was SO tired.  I crawled into bed before 10 and fell right asleep. Garret and Brooklyn came to bed a bit later but I didn’t even notice.  

Both G and B are not quiet sleepers–they snore, G talks sometimes and they both toss about.  I have Mum ears already so I tend to wake up whenever they are rustling about and I cant fall back asleep. Last night they were snoring in tandem around 230 and I just lay there trying to drown them out with pillows and get back to sleep. After half an hour of plotting both their deaths, I decided to head to the couch instead.  I just got all set up and cozy on the couch when I heard the humidifier beeping in the basement—wouldn’t be able to sleep through that so I went downstairs to unplug.  By the time I got back to the living room, Miss Brooklyn was waiting at the top of the stairs with her tail and whole bum wagging just SO excited to see that one of her people was awake.  Despite me pleading for her to go upstairs to sleep with her Dad, she crawled into my lovely quiet couch bed with me. (Clearly not grasping that she was the one I was trying to escape upstairs)  I realized that I hadn’t turned off the light so had to get back out of bed…upon my return trip I kicked the coffee table and felt like my baby toe exploded.  Pregnancy/tired/hurt rage overtook me and I felt like screaming and throwing something heavy.  Rational self somehow shone through and I got back into the couch only to find that B had taken up residence curled up on my pillow. I managed to move her down so I had some space and miraculously she stopped snoring and I got back to sleep. Until 6am when she nudged me awake just before the alarm went off to inform me she was ready for her morning walk.  Tonight I am locking her upstairs with Garret and staking claim to the entire couch for myself.


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