Weekend Report–The wishing it was still a long weekend edition

Attempting a family pic

Attempting a family pic…B was distracted as per usual

The Walsh Side
The Walsh Side

We got all the typical catch up type of weekend things done this weekend–laundry, kitchen, lawn etc.  We had lofty aspirations for doing all of the to-do list stuff, but I was feeling extremely pregnant and lazy.  And it was the bad kind of lazy where watching G do stuff made me feel guilty and therefore not able to enjoy my laziness, so I forced him and B to snuggle with me on the couch and watch movies. It was glorious.  We did manage to get some extra stuff done but my pleas  of  “I will do it next week when I am done work” somehow seemed to work and made G less stressy about house stuff. Realistically no, I likely won’t be able to get my to do list done while I am off work, but it sure was nice to just hang out a bit this weekend. We don’t have plans for next weekend, we will be staying local, so hopefully we can finish off a few more of  the “eeek we are having a baby lets clean up” tasks.

Yesterday we had a family dinner for my brother in law who has taken an internship overseas for the next year and is leaving this coming week. We went to his Aunt’s cottage (one of my favourite venues)  and had a nice early supper together.  With everyone having such busy schedules it is so hard to wrangle everyone together, but I am so glad we were able to share a meal together, since we won’t be all together again until next summer sometime.

Today marks my last Monday at work…still feels surreal that this is my last week at work.  Have both my to do lists a) what to do to be finished work b) what to do when I am done work all ramped up and ready to be crossed off…it is just getting to them that is the problem.








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