12 months down

12 months down and we are: (forgetting to publish posts oops)

  • Waiting for Gus to decide to arrive
  • Cleaning random parts of the house
  • Setting up all baby related items, pack and play, car seat etc
  • Finally settling on some boy names
  • Changing our bedding over from quilts to duvets…sure sign of fall
  • Attempting to act like we have some idea about what is to come
  • Reflecting on just what we were doing this time last year
  • Napping (B and I)
  • Crafting some last minute scrapbooking stuff cause I keep hearing I will never get to do it again!
  • Missing my friends from work. I do really enjoy being home, but I miss what has been my day to day routine for the past 3 years
  • Not missing my long ass daily commute to Toronto
  • Fielding phone calls, emails, texts and FB messages asking if the babe is here yet
  • Enjoying our last few moments together as our little family of three

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