How I’m feeling lately (vol 5)



I am getting up every two hours again in the night to go to the bathroom.  Well meaning Mamas are trying to tell me that this just gets me ready for motherhood, but I cant help but find it discouraging to think that I will continue to not sleep even once I have full ownership over my body again.

turtle-on-its-backThis is how I feel when I am trying to get out of bed in the night.  There is no graceful way for me to flop over and get up.  I semi wake up Garret each time who is concerned that I am in labour.  “Nope hunny just my 19th trip to the bathroom, you go back to sleep.”

I am also finding that I am getting to the “I just can’t get comfortable” stage.  I have had such a good pregnancy thus far I found it so weird when people would speak of being all done with it and just ready for the baby to come.  “oooooh not me I love this I can be pregnant for years”  Yeah I was delusional and now I am just oh so ready.  All my joints are killing me, standing hurts, walking hurts, sitting is cramped and I can’t find just the right position to sleep in anymore.  Our bed looks like this:


But with a husband and a Boston Terrier crammed in there somewhere as well. (I have a huge body pillow, a wedge pillow and three head pillows I have been using to try to prop up various body parts) As soon as I find a comfy position and fall asleep my carpal tunnel kicks in and my hands go numb and I have to move.  We need a bigger house so that I can get a king sized bed and flop around without disturbing the rest of my fam.


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