Zoë-week 3

Dear Zoë,

This will be the third attempt at a weekly letter. The other two are half composed (mostly in my head) and I’m not sure if they will ever see the light of day. I never realized how seemingly impossible small tasks can be with a newborn! You were born 3 weeks ago today–on one hand I don’t remember life before you, and on the other I don’t know where time has gone. I’m sure the rest of my life will feel like this, time flying by as my little girl just keeps on getting bigger.

We have spent the past few weeks getting to know each other as a family. Your Daddy and I spend hours staring at your beautiful face “can you believe we made her from scratch”?! No…no we can’t! We stare at you picking out some of our features from you. We guess what colour your eyes will be, if your hair will stay this auburn colour and if you will always be so long—tall like your Uncle Taylor.

Just like your puppy, we are finding that you are a girl of many nicknames. Zo-Zo, ZoZoBee, Zoëbird, Squeakers, princess poopsalot (don’t worry that one won’t stick). I’m sure there will be many more as your personality starts to shine.

So far we know that you love to snuggle, if you’re really upset Daddy’s voice seems to calm you down, when you are fussy you like to be danced to hip hop (definitely Daddy’s girl) You are a cat napper, a noisy eater, and unsure about bath time. Like Mary Poppins you are practically perfect in every way, and already loved beyond measure.
I’m so glad that you are my daughter and I can’t wait for all that is to come in this adventure together.

Love always,
(Or as you likely know me right now “the one with the milk”)


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