The Nana and the GG

Last week Zoë and I went to stay at my Mum’s (Nana) for a night to spend some time with her and my Nanny (Z’s GG).  My Nanny hasn’t been feeling very well over the past few weeks so Z and I wanted to go hang out and cheer her up.  It was actually a really lovely visit.  GG had some snuggles, we had some wine and some laughs and my Mum and I got to spend some time together.  My Mum had bought a ton of stuff to make freezer meals and spent a large part of the day cooking for us.  She sent me home with 4 meals to put in the freezer–heaven for this new Mum!  We have already eaten this one an amazing chicken dish…and I am looking forward to the others.  Usually I like cooking but lately meal planning has been a bit of a stretch.  We have had two successful trips to the grocery store, but not having to think about what to make is glorious!

We got a start on Zoë’s baby book as well which was a lot of fun.  Since we both love paper crafting so much we had to find a special way to document her first year.  My girlfriend Carrie suggested Simple Stories which is a less time consuming way of scrapbooking that I am obsessed with.  Mum ordered Miss Z the baby girl line, and I am already having so much fun with documenting Month 1!

GG and her girl

GG and her girl

Nana doing some cooing

Nana doing some cooing

Bath time at Nana's house!

Bath time at Nana’s house! (maybe I should start wearing makeup again?!)

Zoë's foot after we inked it for her baby book

Zoë’s foot after we inked it for her baby book


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