These nights are like a box of chocolates…

Cause you never know what you are gonna get!

I find there are two types of nights Zoë and I seem to have.  1.  Awesome, falling right back to sleep after eating, feeling like long stretches of sleep for us both “omg I am winning at parenting” or 2. OMG child, diaper blowout, cat napping, projectile vomiting, I want to sell you to a roving band of gypsies type.  Last night was a #2 type of night.

 Those nights lead to mornings where I cant seem  to get myself going. Today I can’t even remember if I made breakfast and was barely able to get the two of us out of the house for a 1:30 appointment.  I arrived there and realized I hadn’t brushed my hair.  Lovely!  I know that it will get  easier and she will begin to sleep more and I will become more organized and better at functioning with minimal sleep…but at 3am the upcoming months of sleeping in 2-3 hour bursts stretch out ahead of me as a daunting prospect.    Every few nights she takes pity on me and sleeps for a 5 hour stretch which leads me to wake up feeling as though I could go into battle.  

I realize it has only been a month so I shouldn’t expect any sort of routine, but I tend to thrive on organized, knowing what to expect types of situations…which it would seem no longer exist once you are a parent.  I am trying to focus on how short a period of time this is and that I need to enjoy her being so small. I keep hearing that this year will fly by faster than any other and I don’t want to wish away this special time. Here’s hoping she takes pity on her poor Mummy tonight and has a nice stretch of sleep.  4-5 hours would feel like a lifetime!


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