Laps are for naps


We spent some time with the Walsh side of our family at the cabin this Sunday. My mother in law had taken Brooklyn for the week to give me a break.   I love that pup but getting the chance to miss her was quite refreshing!
After a rather large and delicious lunch we sat around in the living room and as the conversation turned to politics I found myself fading. Zoë was napping on and off in my arms and I found myself joining her.  I couldn’t help but think how sad it is that one day she will no longer fit in my arms.  I LOVE these snuggles with her warm body perfectly fitting into mine.   I must remind myself of this whenever I feel guilty for what I should be doing while she is napping.   I can catch up on laundry and cleaning another time…but there are a finite amount of naps on laps I will be able to take with my darling girl.
Garret’s aunt snapped this picture and I love it. It’s funny because I was just realizing I don’t have as many pics of us together as I would like. New years resolution #1 take a million and one photos of me and my Zoë in 2014!


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