A brief catchup

Christmas was lovely.  Lots of time spent with family and friends and Zoë got so spoiled with presents and snuggles!

Garret and I each had the flu for a few days before Christmas which was awful and really drove home how crappy it is to be sick and attempt to parent.   My saving grace this time was that zoë isn’t very mobile so I could force her to nap on the couch with me all day.  Luckily we were both recovered in time to celebrate with our families without infecting anyone.

I always find Christmas season to be somewhat chaotic but lots of fun and this year was no exception.   I love seeing everyone but sometimes I look forward to the Christmases in the future that we will spend in our home… Waiting for Santa and taking naps all piled up in blanket forts on our couch.
As I always say, I don’t want to wish away this stage with Zoë…but I can’t wait to re experience the magic of Christmas through her eyes in a few years.  It is so crazy to reflect on how much things are changing now that we are parents! And now a few photos from the past week:

Christmas Eve dinner with Gs Mom

                       Tummy time

She was in awe of the lights just laid under there cooing away.

Our nephew was loving shoulder rides at Christmas dinner

Me and my little muffin all dressed up

     Zoë and Nana before another         Christmas get together


          Yesterday in a new hat


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