Mid January New Year Post!

I have been wanting to write this for the past 13 days…blogging just like most things in my life lately–put on the back burner or slightly out of the projected time frame!  Loving my life with Z but finally understanding what my friends meant about time management with young children!

New Year’s Eve was very low key this year. Appies and drinks with a few friends. We did a hilarious Value Village gift exchange and we were home by 1am.  It felt really nice to wake up on New Years Day ready to face 2014 without a hint of a hangover.  We have adopted my parents New Years Day tradition of mimosas and talks about our hopes and dreams for the coming year.  I must say it is a fantastic way to start a new year.  I am not sure why but there is always such a lovely sense of promise and new beginnings that come with January 1st.  When I was younger I used to spend some time on New Years Day updating that years calendar; putting in birthdays and important events. I would get such a sense of satisfaction marking up the empty pages.  I feel that now we will be marking the passing of time through the changes with Zoë.  Our social calendar is significantly more empty this year but as we look ahead to the coming seasons we wonder what Zoë will look like and be like as we come to spring and summer.

As we talked about resolutions for the year we both had the same  for #1:  help each other be the best parents we can be.  As we both are figuring out what the heck we are doing we want to try to have patience with Zoë as well as with each other.  That was pretty much the basis of our personal resolution(s) and then we had quite a list of items we want to tackle for house related goals (I think goals are a better word when it comes to this stuff,no?)  And the house list is:

  1. Kitchen Backsplash and maybe paint
  2. Upstairs bathroom (paint, new vanity/mirror/reglaze tub)
  3. Landscaping–we need some serious curb appeal to snazz up the front of the house
  4. Frame wall in living room (this one we already did boooyah!)
  5. General organization.  This sounds pathetic and relatively open ended, but with our house being so small and now being over run with baby stuff we have started making plans to be more efficient.  I think G and I both have been guilty of thinking “oh when we have a bigger house we can x,y,z” but we have to realize that this is where we live now and we have to learn how to make it work.

I also made a bit of a maternity leave bucket

Our first family photo of 2014. Hopefully the last NYE that Z stays up past midnight for a long long time!

Our first family photo of 2014. (Hopefully the last NYE that Z stays up past midnight for a long long time!)

Another under the tree pic!  This girl LOVED the Christmas tree...

Another under the tree pic! This girl LOVED the Christmas tree…

list type of thing. Mostly involves crafts and various unfinished projects I have had on the go for the past few years.  It would be so nice to have them completed instead of kicking around my basement or my Mum’s house in various stages of completion.

Anyway….happy start to the New Year to everyone. I hope that the past 13 days have got people off on the right foot!  And now a few pics



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