8+ months and where does time go?







She is nearly 9 months old?! When I was pregnant, the most common thing parents of youngish children would tell me was “prepare for the shortest year of your life”. I thought that just sounded ridiculous…but that was then,  with a whole year of maternity leave stretching out before me, and a baby yet to even be here. I really didn’t get it. Now, however, I get it.
     We have existed in some strange time warp the past few months where I almost don’t notice any changes until I look back at pictures and videos.  Surely Zoë has always been able to do these things?  Has been this big?  I feel like nothing changes for a while and then suddenly everything does at once. In the past little while Zoë has got 4 teeth,  started army crawling,  pulling herself up,  rolling everywhere.  She has gone from being my little snuggle bug to pushing away from me so she can reach whatever has caught her eye (more often than not it’s a remote control,  phone or a dog toy) Her first birthday is on the horizon and while I celebrate her getting bigger and learning new things,  another part of me wants to drag this stage out and keep her as my little baby a while longer.


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