Happy Birthday Zoë

Dear Zoë,

This morning my first thought was “my baby girl is one today”, and then my head exploded heart shaped confetti all over our house. It was one year ago today that the world stood still, just for a moment and you got on…and our lives will never be the same. You have taught me so much in these 365 days: that it is possible to function on a mere 37 consecutive minutes of sleep, how to enjoy a cold cup of coffee, the importance of leaving nothing fragile within your reach, and how the sheer will of an 11 month old can only be matched in strength by her grip (usually on my hair or my glasses) I have learned how to adapt to living with the largest piece of my heart crawling around outside my body. You have also taught me the joy in rediscovering the world around me through your eyes. The past year has found me wanting to scream#WINNING at the top of my lungs one minute, and the next panicking with insecurity at how to keep you alive. I have never experienced anything like it. I am so glad that you chose me to be your Mama and that we are on this wild and crazy ride together.
I remember this time last year thinking ahead and wondering what you would be like. Spoiler alert: you are even better than I could have imagined. You smile with your whole body and even when I am frustrated or exhausted it reminds me of everything good in the world.
I love you my sweet baby girl,
Your ever lovin’ Mama

 Zoe-3 Zoe-15 Zoe-31 Zoe-41-BW Zoe-44 Zoe-55 Zoe-58-BW Zoe-71



One thought on “Happy Birthday Zoë

  1. Julia, what a beautiful tribute to our lovely Zoë on her first birthday! She is so loved and fortunate to have parents like you and Garret! Xoxoxo

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