Surviving Thus Far

Reporting live from week 2 back to work:

Early last week our mornings were slightly ridiculous–I felt really foggy and despite all the organizing that we tred to pull off the night(s) before, Garret and I were awkwardly dancing around each other in the kitchen/bathroom/hallway “wait ok did you feed Brooklyn?” “what time do I have to drop her off” “Look out I need to brush my teeth” We managed to all get out of the house on time most mornings and towards the end of the week fell into a bit of a rhythm.

Week two we are still getting things down.  My mother in law came to visit on Saturday and did some cooking for the week, so thankfully we have a stocked freezer and had two meals ready to go for this week.  My Mum’s motto (of which she has many come to think of it) is “If in the morning you know what you are having that night for dinner your whole day is set”  I used to think that she was totally nuts for needing to be that organized, but LETMETELLYOU  the woman is a prophet or something because I am finding this to be so true. We are caught up on laundry and just have a few week night assignments to keep the place clean…and the home shall keep running like a well oiled machine.

On the missing that girl front…I cant even tell you.  G framed one of her 6 month photos for me and I stare longingly at it on my desk throughout the day.  It is getting a bit easier but I sometimes just start missing how she smells and I have to dive into work before I start to cry.I keep hearing it gets just waiting for that to kick in.


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