December Daily–Dec 1st


I have decided to partake in my own version of Ali Edward’s December Daily which I am pretty excited about.  Several of my crafty friends are partaking and I thought why not?! So be prepared to be spammed with Christmassy photos and the like.

December in Barrie rolled in like a lion.  And with that, the Walsh family missed their window for decorating outdoors. Sunday was mild and gorgeous and neither of us thought “oh hey perfect last chance to hang some lights” For now we shall keep with our pre lit wreath and hope Z never questions our loyalty to Christmas as she gets older.  Or perhaps by next year we will actually start getting ready for Christmas at a reasonable time?  We didn’t have a tree last year and I don’t want to be seen as those Scroogey people. With a newborn, last year my main reaction to much holiday preparation was “meh” but I am definitely feeling it this year!

This picture makes me smile and automatically get into the holiday spirit.  Garret was on Zo duty on the first and his typical go-to activity these days is to hit up the mall.  He was sending me pics and I laughed out loud when this came through.  She is my own human Grumpy Cat.

The story of Dec 1st is of Daddy Daughter dates, trips to the mall, and attempts at staged Christmas pics (with a daughter who looks horribly unimpressed), a visit to scary old St. Nick and some crazy walking development.  Big day December 1st!! Welcome December and Welcome Christmas.


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