December Daily–December 3rd

Dec 3Last Christmas I had a wee adorable blob of a 2 month old.  I would put her somewhere and she would stay there, content to stare at the lights on my Mums Christmas tree.  I have a video I should share of her just laying under the tree making this hilarious and oh-so-cute noise.  Dec 3rd due to some unforeseen daycare issues I had a found day at home with Z. We cleaned the house (me not her), had naps (her not me) and then went over to visit Nana for a bit in the afternoon.  My Mum and I were laughing as she dug through the pile of to be wrapped gifts (including some for her) and just played with the boxes….and a small bottle of rum that is going into her Dad’s stocking.  Z’s first Christmas we could do everything around her without her noticing, this Christmas she gets into everything, but definitely is not having any surprises ruined as we wrap gifts with her “help”  Next year presents will have to be hidden away, with a lot more sneaking around to start. I am so looking forward to her being excited about Santa, about sneaking to the mall to find the perfect gift for her Dad, tales of reindeer and wise men and snowmen to come…but I will enjoy this Christmas where it will take very little to make all Z’s Christmas dreams come true.


2 thoughts on “December Daily–December 3rd

  1. She is too cute. Aides has to be banned from everywhere right now as we haven’t wrapped at all yet. Also, she might sneak to the mall to find a gift for her dad, but she will totally tell him about it when she gets home…hahaha

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