December Daily–December 4th

IMG_20140103_131055December 4 20131225_181249 20131224_184052 20131226_075525I got my new cell phone just before Christmas last year and so when I scroll back to the start of my camera feed I can see photos from last Christmas.  It is unbelievable how much has changed in a year.  For instance….trying to take a photo of Z under a tree this year?  I think I will have to lug her out of her crib under cover of night to achieve!  Christmas evokes many feelings I find. Some happy, some sad, and most of them tinged with such a heavy feeling of nostalgia.  This Christmas will be a different one for my family–the first year my Nanny is in a home and won’t be able to join us. Christmas traditions are so special and seem to remain the same for many many years, maybe that is why it feels so foreign to be doing something new.  For the past 8 years we have had Christmas dinner in Meaford with family friends, and this will be our first year having it in Barrie. We are even hosting this year!  It is exciting when things change, but I have also always been the type of person who digs the familiarity of “well that is just how it has always been”.  Looking at the pictures from last Christmas make me sad in how much has changed (my baby is HUGE now)  but is also helping me see that and now that we have kids nothing will ever remain the same…and I need to start taking joy from that.


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