December Daily–December 5th

I  have always been a HUGE fan of ye olde snail mail. Sending and receiving to be honest. When I was 8 I had my first pen pal, and as I got older in the era that didn’t have email I  had several friends I would keep in touch with through the mail.  It was thrilling as a kid and I must say, as an adult there is nothing like digging through a pile of bills and flyers and getting mail that is addressed to you personally. Not ‘Dear Occupant’ or the like.

Christmas is the best time of year for mail fans.  I have always sent cards, but the past two years I have sent extra cute ones that have my little muffin on them.  Some people complain that getting Christmas letters from friends/family detailing what they have been up to are tedious or narcissistic, but I love them!  I really enjoy hearing what people are up to–maybe I am just nosy?!  It is still early in the season but so far we have received three cards, which are proudly displayed on our mantle (wait we don’t have a mantle….) on our hutch…doesn’t have the same ring to it though!
Dec 5thGTA-DieShapeA.jpg


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