December Daily Dec 12th

Today is about making lists and checking them twice.  I spent my lunch hour with my day planner plotting out some various to-dos. I have been working on 3 lists:

  1. Christmas gifts left to buy
  2. Christmassy activities to still do
  3.  Christmas dinner meal planning

 I don’t know how many people know this, but I am the daughter of the worlds most prolific list maker.  Apparently it is an inherited trait.  I THRIVE on list making and especially with everything on the go this time of year I find that it makes me feel more organized.  We have really cut down on the amount of people we buy for so I am finding that #1 is pretty easy to stay on top of this year.  There are a few last minute things I have to grab, but nothing major.  I need a few hours at the mall, and a few hours toddlerless so I can get some running around finished. Then…it is Christmas go time!



3 thoughts on “December Daily Dec 12th

  1. ummmm, that should say ‘toddlerless’ haha – apparently my computers autocorrect does not believe that being ‘toddlerless’ is a real thing…

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