December Daily(ish) Weekend 6-7th edition

The weekend was all about taking advantage of the surprisingly warm weather to get some decorating done!  We put up the tree while Z napped on Saturday, and G went outside and did our front with some lights.  I was concerned about how a toddler and a dog would do with a tree, but so far we have only had one ornament fatality.

20141206_182147Garret took a pic-stitch photo to try to incorporate the majority of our decor.  Small house and grabby hands have us not putting too much out this year, but since we are hosting Christmas Day dinner at our place it has to look just festive enough!

PC_20141206_171840_hdrWe didn’t want to go overboard with lights so G just did the front. Just enough to highlight how badly we need to paint hahaha,

PC_20141206_181216_hdrThis guy tends to get some sort of decor each season–this year he is Rudolph.  The nose fell off once and scared the bajeezus out of Brooklyn, but has held up since then.

I thought that Zo would be more enthralled with the tree and lights but it doesn’t seem to phase her too much.  The tree decor is limited as I don’t want her breaking anything else or stabbing herself with the little hooks.

When I was growing up we seemed to have more ledges and places to put things that were christmassy.  I can recall very specific items I have BEGGED my Mum to keep for me that are now (still) being stored in her basement.  When we move, and start looking at new houses one of the things I will ask myself is “Do we have enough room for christmas decorations?”


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