December Daily Weekend 13-14 edition

This weekend was all about getting ‘er done festive style.  Friday night Z and I had a sleepover at my Mum’s place.  Plans were made that once she went to bed we would get our Christmas bake on…as luck would have it, Zo had another molar pop through and was an extremely unhappy girl before bed. By the time we had wrangled her into bed many of the “yay Christmas baking” thoughts had changed into “omg I need to funnel wine”  We rallied and tried one new recipe these salted caramel pecan bars.  They were sticky but completely delicious.  Saturday during naptime we managed one more recipe, and we still have ingredients to try for some biscotti if we can get that done between now and Christmas.  Baking with my Mum is one of those Christmas traditions I have always enjoyed, and this year we were laughing at how things change. Once upon a time we would sip on Bailey’s and fiddle our way through 6 different things. This time it was more like a frantic sprint to get things done before a certain “helper” woke up.  Last year we baked and she “helped” from a strategic vantage point on the counter:


This year she was a little more hands on:

Baking20141213_125430She managed to get her hand on one and took a really impressive sized bite (mmmmmmmmm she says)

Once again I am astounded by how much your world can change in a year!

Garret spent a lot of time trying to finish up our kitchen back splash.  He has finished tiling all the large spaces and is now working on all the tedious cuts…once again making us realize that nothing in our home is square. World’s cutest handybaby:


We did some Christmas shopping together and Garret HAD to make a trip into Babies R Us to get a special gift for Z. I am not too sure what it was but did remind him that a 14 month old doesn’t need Playstation 4!  He was really excited to get a specific gift for her so I look forward to seeing it when she opens it on Christmas.   I love weekends where I feel that we got a lot done AND had the chance to spend time together and visit with friends. A well balanced weekend is perfection these days!

20141211_161053After spending lots of time in kitchens this weekend, Miss Z attempts to bake cookies in her toy kitchen!


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